Started in 1953 by the late Ken Gough and the still going David Clark, under the original name of Gough & Clark, what is now known as Clark Boyce Lawyers emerged from various iterations and partnership changes, which gave names, including Gough Clark & Bisphan, Clark Bisphan & Boyce, and Clark Boyce & Co. None of the current partners’ names have ever appeared in the firm’s name itself and that is a testimony to the long-term relationships that have been built over many years with loyal clients and their families. There are now five partners, Hans van Schreven, Gerald Dwyer, Alex McPhail, Allister Davis and Rachel Walsh.

The firm’s current senior partner: Hans van Schreven, has been associated with the firm for 42 years and many of his clients were formerly represented by Ken Gough, David Clark, John Bisphan and Martin Boyce. That same association extends to the current partners and is a matter of real pride for the firm and testament to those long-term relationships which ensure consistent and generational legal advice.

Like its clients, the firm also enjoys high staff loyalty and service. This means that clients also enjoy the benefits of familiarity and personal relationships which allows them to be confident in dealing with any member of the Clark Boyce team.

Clark Boyce Lawyers has traditionally provided, and still does today, a wide range of legal services. These services include transactions that extend to domestic property, commercial enterprises, corporate entities and trust ownership structures.

The firm also provides litigation services, relationship property and family advice, estate planning and administration and most things in between